Why  Serial Video  If your social media videos are good, yet not effective enough to lock your prospects into long term relationships with your mission, you might need something to keep them coming back for more.    Most online storytelling is one-off.  We might be informed, but we have nothing else to look forward to.  One text piece, or one video, is not enough to create habit.  And you want to own the habits out there.

Unique advantages over ordinary social media video 

  • Trustworthy content of real life stories of people whose dramas shed new light on issues, services, or products
  • Emotional involvement with individuals whose stories you follow from one episode to another
  • The seductive suspense of what will happen in the next instalment
  • Journalistic integrity
  • Emotional content that produces viewer memory and loyalty
  • Built in news-value of fresh developments in each episode

The Power of Embedded Emotional Memory The more suspense you insert inside a story, the more episodes viewers will watch. The more emotion you include, the more involved the viewers will become.  Those emotional ties induce strong audience loyalty and memory. Emotional experiences produce stronger memories. Emotion based memory is our ally, and serial storytelling delivers on that.

How it works   Each real life video episode is told like a mini three act play, beginning with ‘previously in this series.’  Then the story covers new action, and finally we tease to the next episode where yet more new development await.  Each episode moves the story forward with the latest circumstances affecting your individuals and big issues your are covering.   Suspense is maintained every in every minute of the series.

Why it works    The episodes connect to one another and carry the story forward with continual story suspense and urgency.   Virtually every highly successful and lucrative TV series uses this combination.   So did the first ever storytellers.  So can you, no matter what the nature of your own story. Serial storytelling  has built-in Urgency, Emotion, Suspense and Three Acts in each episode.  It is a string of real life of inter-locking video episodes of individuals who are caught up in real life dramas related to major news issues, services or products.

We are hard wired for serial stories     Audiences repond strongly to stories that give us  suspense, drama, emotion, intrigue, struggle, resolution and new beginnings.   With Serial Storytelling, i.e. an ongoing personal narrative, web visitors have multiple experiences with the people in your story, thus the ‘exposure time’ to become emotionally involved on their own terms.

Each ‘episode’ also has built in legitimate news value, updates on what is new with the people in your story.  This encourages repeat, appointment, viewing.  episodes viewers watch, the more emotionally  involved they can become.   Those emotional ties can produce strong audience loyalty and emotional memory.  We are more likely to recall things when there is amotion attached.   (Royal wedding, your own wedding, your childs’s dance recital, etc).  Web visitors will reward websites that are newsy, address their need for trustworthy content related to their special interests, and hold their attention.

Serial Storytelling works not only for news platforms, but also for businesses and NGOs.   Serial Storytelling is a potent way to report news about your product, cause or idea.  Web visitors will reward websites that are newsy, address their need for trustworthy content related to their special interests, and hold their attention.

Former ABC and CBS News correspondent Mike Lee is a freelance video storyteller and worldwide media consultant

Contact Mike at MikeLeeNews@mac.com


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