Former ABC News correspondent Mike Lee is a freelance video storyteller and worldwide media consultant.

 NGOs – Here is a highly effective storytelling techinque to help your fundraising 

NGOs, I love you guys!  As a correspondent I have many times seen first hand the amazing work you do around the world.   I know it can be a challenge to raise funds for your much needed missions.  So I hope you will take what I am about to say as suggestions from someone who believes you deserve more support, and who knows you can do better in you use of social media.   You have great true stories to tell, and they often do appear on social media.   But I often notice that there is no ‘ongoing personal narritive’ on the web page to bring visitors back for more.  Instead, NGOs are replying upon potential donors to take action based upon a one-off story, or the over arching message of worthiness that fill the website, or in some cases the urgency of disasters, wars and other crises.   If these alone work for you then you don’t need my help.  But I’m asking the rest of  you to consider my ideas for attracting and holding on to more social media donors.

 Find out here  how you can use the same so-called ‘secret’ method which the the big tv and film studios follow to make those compelling stories that keep us coming back for more.







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