Former ABC News correspondent Mike Lee is a freelance video storyteller and worldwide consultant.

Best Advice

Urgency, Emotion, Suspense and Three Acts   Even if you read only this first paragraph, and embed these four concepts in your head when producing video, you will tell your best story.  Urgency, Emotion, Suspense and Three Acts   However, if you do not include all four, I guarantee that you will fail to tell your most effective story.   Best wishes for your video!

Begin By Striping   Remove those layers of techo and guru speak that invite you to purchase or follow so-called ‘success secrets,’ or software that will make you a better communicator.  That wheel has already been invented and it’s not software or secret.   There is nothing for sale here.  This kind of information should be free, and not be passed off as exclusive revelation.   I certainly did not invent these techinques.  We are all standing on the shoulders of great storytellers who have proven what actually works…every time.  That’s why I call it The Best Advice.  It is the backbone of my own storytelling career.

How faithfully you use these proven techinques will determine their value to you.  You can always spend your money anytime on advice if you like, but first please understand what does work and why.

  • Urgency works because our attention is more easily drawn to the urgent than to the non-urgent.
  • Emotion is essential to personal attachment and memory.
  • Suspense keeps us interested.
  • Three Acts, no matter how short, work because your audience will experience your video as an adventure.

In a sereis of videos I will be exploring these techinques in depth and suggesting ways your business, news organization, NGO or charity fundraising campaign can benefit.

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