Investment Capital

 You might not think about private or venture capital, or any kind of financial enterprise, in terms of video storytelling.  Hang on.  Communications is critical to any successful transaction.  Video storytelling is a modern communications tool that can go beyond math and graphics and spreadsheets.   Business deals still need to be done between people.  Video storytelling has the unique quality of giving investors and investees a look and feel for one another’s business culture, personalities, assets, resources, ability and personal commitment to a result.   Every deal is an unfolding real life story, which Mike can produce into a web based 30 minute show, or cover like news in near real time multiple episodes.   A Mike Lee business video project will specialise in natural drama and suspense, two critical ingredients to keeping an audience and bringing viewers back for more.  Mike Lee storytelling can help you persuade decision makers and keep them invested in following your dream until it becomes their own.   Every deal is unique.  A Mike Lee video is too.   Find out here