Fees and Terms

This is a service to which Fees and Terms Apply.  Please read carefully before you agree to pay.  You can refuse to pay for this specific product and the production will be canceled at no further cost to you.

Here’s how to arrange your web video interview with correspondent Mike Lee    

The Interview  $39- In A Nutshell   The current price for a completed interview video up to five minutes long is $39.   That price will increase after April 30th, 2017.   This price is for a basic interview and does not include any extra filming or additional production.  Mike will explain the options prior to you making a commitment.   Payment is due, via PayPal, upon competition of the recorded interview  on Skype, Facetime or other mutually agreed platform, and prior to any editing or other work is undertaken.  Once payment is received, the recorded interview will then be processed into a web video on my YouTube channel. 

Hourly and Day Rates  Please Contact Mike 

Refunds   If I fail to deliver the completed video to my YouTube channel within the timeframe agreed by us at the time of the interview, I will refund your fee, providing that the refund can be done via PayPal.  

Do Not Expect A Refund If you are unhappy because your video did not attract the audience you wanted, if someone objects to what you say, if you don’t like the way you looked, if you are subject to legal action for what you say, or for any reason other than failure to produce and deliver the video.  I am responsible for providing the video.  You are responsible for your own performance, truthfulness and accuracy, search optimisation and all other aspects of posting and managing your videos.  If the video is deleted or banned by YouTube there will no refund unless the deletion or take-down is caused by me.

Re-Edits and Changes    Re-edits require extra production time.  You will need to pay an additional fee for any re-edits of this product after it has been posted.

Hate speech, slander, potential libel or any speech that urges or implies violence, abuse or discrimination will result in that project being canceled.   I am a political independent and ardent proponent of free speech and objective journalism.   I will not interfere with free speech or the expression of political views, so long as they do not veer into the extremes described above.  However, if an interviewee makes a claim that I judge is obviously false by any common sense independent observer, I reserve the right to refuse to proceed with a completed video.     All recordings made by me are my intellectual property and unique creations.  Noone but me owns the original recordings.   No one has the right or permission to record my interviews.   No-one has the right to compile me to furnish a completed interview video.  If a fee has already been received when, for reasons stated above, I cancel the video project, I will refund those funds to your bank account (as specified above in the section on Refunds).  

My Policy on Donations Upon request from a client I will donate 5 percent of my paid income from that client to any registered charity the client specifies, providing that the charity accepts a single payment (not a monthly commitment), and providing that charity accepts payment by PalPal.  I do not make donations or contributions to projects that require donors or backers to wait until such a project is launched, completed or reaches some kind of financial target.  Put put it another way, I donate straight away.  If the client’s designated charity, project or good cause does not provide the kind of facility described above, no donation will be made.   If the client wishes to specify an alternative charity, project or cause, it must meet the requirement mentioned above.