NGOs – No More Waiting

Now, you don’t have to wait for the news media to interview you when your NGO has an urgent message.   Mike Lee, former ABC News global correspondent will interview you via Skype or Facetime and turn your urgent information into a newsy tv style video which you can link or embed on any web platform you choose.

My unique Value to NGOs is that I can spend as little as five minutes with you or your spokesperson, record that conversation from Skype or Facetime, and produce a professional tv style web ready video interview that will provide the following:  (1) The urgency of Breaking news, (2) My specialist storytelling techniques that give viewers compelling reasons to keep coming back to your updates, and (3) Journalism.  You can link with, or embed into, various web platforms.  You will increase your chances of being interviewed by major news organisations when they see a video of what you have to say.   I provide a combination of skills and experience you will not find anywhere else:  40 plus years as a global network tv storyteller;  Fast turnaround of your urgent news;  Storytelling techniques that embed emotion, organic drama, intrigue and suspense; The ability to produce every type of video from a Skype interview to a major production with habit inducing multiple episodes.  And for all that, during my current launch phase (until April 30th) my five minute Skype interview videos are almost being given away at $39. 

Control your own breaking news cycle by stepping up and letting the world know that something important and urgent is happening in your patch.   News agencies don’t always know about it, or have the time and resources to spend on developing stories until they reach a tipping point.  This can help with that tipping.

This is not a substitute for your own information platforms   A Mike Lee interview is an extremely affordable addition to your publicity profile.

You will increase your chances of being noticed by major news platforms because your regular and reliable supporters will share your interview with media outlets.

Immediate global exposure with your interview

No more taking a back seat to entertainment news or politicians who hog the news agenda

The cost is very low   Ask Mike about costs


The news makes it obvious.  There has never been a greater, nor more urgent, need for NGOs to reach large numbers of  supporters and potential supporters.  Here is the professional service I offer to NGOs, and to their sponsors.   I will produce web based videos that stand out from traditional fundraising videos.   I use my 40 years as a network tv storyteller and innovator in digital news coverage to take advantage of what many video makers overlook.  I will extract and use the natural drama and suspense that is embedded in everyday life.  I create episodic videos that give viewers reasons to come back to your website, or cause, again and again.    Mike will explain in person

Most NGO videos, including the ones that are spectacularly well produced, are one-off.  A few of them are  very successful at attracting support.  A major incident or news story often helps.  But what about the majority of NGO videos?    Frequent viewing can be critical to building more support.   Frequent viewing helps to build new neural pathways in the minds of viewers, which more firmly connect them to you or your cause.   A neural pathway is another way of saying a stronger memory of, and attachment to, your cause.    Frequent viewing is achieved not by asking people to watch the same video over and over, but by giving them an ongoing real life story to follow.  

My storytelling includes two powerful techniques:   The three act play, and cliffhanger suspense to bring viewers back for the next instalment.   Every life on earth, every group of people in need, every seemingly unappealing story and every cause that is neglected by the media, they all have the natural drama, suspense and simmering news value that can elevate their stories to a larger audience.   I hope you agree they deserve innovative storytelling.   You can start here

Philanthropy:  Do you have the green and the desire to sponsor storytelling on behalf of NGOs?   Here’s why you might find it a good idea