The Video Boxes

Here’s how to arrange your web video interview with correspondent Mike Lee    

It works like this: You simply talk with me on camera through Skype or Facetime.  That takes five minutes or less.  You do not need to write a script or speech.   I will guide you through the points you want to make.

Your knowledge, expertise or informed opinion is there.  It will flow a lot easier when you are is a two way discussion.   

Your thoughts are turned into a tv style video interview on YouTube.  You can link to or embed your interview on any web platform, and share with others who can widen your online exposure.

Whatever your agenda, there is always something new to be found that will resonate with your target audience.     There is inherit and natural change in our everyday lives…the same with your issues, causes or projects.  So, talk about your own updates.

You may not get an audiences of millions, but even if you aim for only few key people along the path of your goals…they will be more likely to pay attention to what you have to say if it is newsy.    That sense of dynamic change  is what makes the news…global news or your news…rocket fuel for your online profile and influence.    Book it


Types of video boxes

The Vlog Box interview makes it easy to get your video blog up and running, or give your existing vlog a refreshing boost.  Mike will have you telling your story in ways that give viewers reasons to keep coming back for more.

The Kick Box interview is an affordable way to pitch your crowd funded project.  Show them who you are, your dreams and determination. 

The Job Box is where you talk about your skills, experience and qualifications for advancement or new work.  The grownup alternative to those cutesy FaceBook posts that make employers want to run the other way.

The Compassion Box gives you a web platform to speak up for your NGO or worthy cause.  Urge people to support organizations that are still fighting for the disadvantaged, abused, and war ravaged.  

The News Box is your way to tap into a breaking story and use it as rocket fuel for your leadership goals, NGO fundraising, crowd funded project, job hunt and many other uses.   Use a news item as a peg for what you want to achieve.  Mike can help figure it all out.

The Hot Box is a tough Q and A on your viewpoint and analysis of a trending news story.  Not for the faint hearted.  Come prepared.

The Freedom Box is a Q and A interview during which you say whatever you wish, and be as opinionated as you wish, unchallenged, providing it is not libel, hate speech, abusive or incitement.   Exercise your freedom of speech, responsibly.  (rules enforced)

Fees and terms apply.  Initial consultation is free.   The current cost for a video box interview, up to five minutes long, is $39 (until April 30th)