Money Do Good

You  A business with a social conscience

Them  NGOs and other aid agencies

Me  Mike Lee former ABC News global correspondent with over 40 years experience in tv storytelling, and pioneer in digital journalism.

The Bad  We suddenly live in a political environment in which foreign aid and policies of tolerance and empathy toward the poor, abused and war ravaged are facing unprecedented challenges.  Support for NGOs and other aid groups has never been more urgent.  Yet, many important and urgent humanitarian stories have trouble getting media attention because entertainment news and politicians are hogging the space.

The Good  You help provide humanitarian stories more oxygen.   The more exposure they get, the greater the chances of getting more donations.   You engage me to reach out to NGOs and aid agencies and conduct interviews, via Skype or Facetime, during which they explain their urgent needs for public support in coping with a crisis.  Those discussions are turned into tv style interview videos.  Aid agencies can link and embed the videos throughout the web.  These video updates can be produced as often as needed.   Also see NGOs – No More Waiting

You Again  You can sponsor the updates, thus taking pressure away from NGOs and aid agencies, which just don’t have budgets for this without cutting services for people who need their help.  Your name and/or will be seen near the start and at end of each interview.  For example: (1)  brief headline sound bite from an NGO, (2) Your logo and my voice, “This update on the crisis in xxx is sponsored by WWW. (3) The interview, (4)  This update on the crisis in XXX has been sponsored by WWW.  )

Your benefits  Public recognition of your commitment to humanitarianism.   You are sponsoring updates by established and respected NGOs and aid agencies which are careful to try to avoid partisan comments because they have to operate in areas where neutrality is essential to their mission.

How Much?   Please contact me and we can discuss